New York Social Diary – On the subject of diamonds

New York Social Diary

“On the subject of diamonds”

Monday, March 29, 2021. Rainy and wet, yesterday in New York, and cooler: in the 50s; after a sunny, warmer Saturday. The fair weather has been spoiling us New Yorkers, after that long, quite cold, blank winter.

Back On Track with the city beginning to open up. I spent the better of yesterday getting caught up in a book I had no intention of reading: Once Upon a Diamond: a Family Tradition of Royal Jewels by Prince Dimitri (of Yugoslavia – which is now part of another country. Christopher Walling, the jewelry designer who has a shop at 58th Street and Park Avenue, hosted a book signing for Dimitri last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and packed the place (it’s very small shop but still …)!

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