Knot of Savoy Stacking Ring with Salmon Hue Tourmaline


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Lady’s “Knot of Savoy” stacking ring with one cabochon cut, oval, salmon hue Tourmaline set as part of the leads from the two side knots. The ring is 18 karat Yellow Gold.

The Knot of True Love, also known as The Knot of Savoy, is the most romantic shape ever designed. In 1350 Amedeo VI, Count of Savoy created a chivalric order called The Order of the Lace of Love. In 1434 Duke Amedeo VIII of Savoy then made it into The Order of the Annunciation and kept the symbol of the Knot that became the insignia of The Royal House of Savoy with the moto, “stringe ma non costringe” which translates to “it binds, but does not constrain”, just like true love and true friendship.

  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Oval shaped cabochon Salmon Hue Tourmaline, weighing 3.68 carat in total