Knot of True Love Necklace


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The Knot of True Love also known as the Knot of Savoy is the most romantic shape ever designed. In 1350 Amedeo VI, Count of Savoy created a chivalric order called The Order of the Lace of Love. In 1434 Duke Amedeo VIII of Savoy then made it into The Order of the Annunciation and kept the symbol of the Knot that became the insignia of the Royal House of Savoy with the moto, “stringe ma non costringe” which translates to “it binds, but does not constrain”, just like true love and true friendship.

  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Gabon Ebony
  • The Knot of True Love on the front of the pendant is created as three-dimensional symbol in 18 karat yellow gold.
  • The Knot of True Love on the back of the pendants is created as a flat relief form in 18 karat yellow gold.
  • Dimension of frame (only): Length 29.0mm x Width 29.0mm x Depth 4.3mm
  • The bale is free moving at the top of the pendant and made of 18 karat yellow gold round wire in an oval shape.
  • The cable link chain is composed of solid wire links individually soldered with a diameter of 1.9mm for a total length of 33 inches or 83.82cm plus an additional 2 inches or 5.08cm of cable link chain that is 4.0mm in diameter. This larger chain is towards the back and allow for adjustment in length.
  • The cable link chain can be adjusted in length from 29.6 inches or 75.2cm to 35.4 inches or 89.9cm.
  • The cable link chain can also be doubled for a shorter look adjusting from 14.8 inches or 37.6 cm to 17.7 inches or 45 cm.
  • The clasp closure is a lobster claw.