Pair of Knot of True Love Cuff Links with Flexible Chain Link Connectors


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The double-sided Knot of True Love Cuff Links, also known as The Knot of Savoy are one of the chicest things a man can wear. The pairing of The Knot of True Love as mirror images, for each cuff link, symbolically makes this the ideal gift of love.

In 1350 Amedeo VI Count of Savoy created a military order called The Order of the Lace of Love. In 1434 Duke Amedeo VIII of Savoy then made it into The Order of the Annunciation and kept the symbol of the knot that became the insignia of the royal house of Savoy with the moto “it binds but does not constrain”, just like true love.

  • 20 karat rose gold
  • Four (4) Knots of True Love shapes with dimensions: Length 22.30 mm x Width 8.90 mm x Depth 2.0 mm
  • Spacing for the chain link connector between the back of each knot is 16.1mm