Paisley Sautoir


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Paisley, one of the most glamorous shapes ever invented, going back to ancient times and conjuring up images of elusive oriental princesses and elegant ladies of the 19th century.

Paisley sautoir in 18 karat yellow gold set with 20 solid gold paisley motifs of various sizes and shapes including the toggle clasp consisting of three paisleys.

The length of this paisley sautoir allows it to be worn full length, doubled or even triple wrapped around the neck for a variety of styling appearances.

  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • 20 total paisleys of various shapes and sizes, all of solid gold
  • Paisley toggle clasp
  • Four sizes of cable link chain made with solid gold wire, links individually soldered, in diameters of: 3.3mm, 2.6mm, 2.4mm and 2.2mm
  • Dimension of the inside diameter of the sautoir is: 104.1cm or 41 inches
  • Dimension of the outside diameter of the sautoir is: 124.5cm or 49 inches