Paisley Wire Cuff Braclet


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Paisley, one of the most glamorous shapes ever invented, going back to ancient times and conjuring up images of elusive oriental princesses and elegant ladies of the 19th century.

This versatile Paisley bracelet can be worn with the single larger paisley on the top of the wrist or the two smaller paisleys on top of the wrist.

For fun stack two or three of the bracelets on your wrist and align the Paisleys differently.

  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Dimensions of the single larger, open style, Paisley: Length 14.5mm x Width 10.0mm x Depth 3.2mm
  • Dimensions of the two smaller, open style, Paisleys: Length 11.00mm x Width 8.0mm x Depth 2.1mm
  • The round wire connecting all three paisleys is constructed of 18 karat yellow gold, hardened, spring wire