Wooden Sugarloaf shaped Cuff Links with Knot of True Love Connector


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Double sided cuff links cut as a sugarloaf shape are one of the chicest things a man can wear. Perfect for that weekend casual, chic look or with a blazer. They are also a gift of love symbolized by the Knot of True Love connector attached to the gold base of the sugar loaf shapes.

The wood sugarloaves give these cuff links a wonderfully, elegant, organic, rugged, chic feel.

  • 20 karat rose gold
  • Four (4) sugarloaf shapes with dimensions: Length 16.0mm x Width 12.0mm x Depth 8.0mm
  • Sugarloaf of Koa is connected to the sugarloaf of Black and White Ebony for half of the cuff link
  • Sugarloaf of Birds Eye Maple is connected to the sugarloaf of Purple Heart for the other half of the cuff link
  • Spacing for the connector between the back of each sugarloaf is 17.6mm