Coptic Ankh Bracelet


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The Coptic Ankh bracelet is in silver and 20K yellow gold and made solid for a lovely feel when being worn either on our complimentary leather cord.

Ankh, was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph used to represent the word “life”. By extension, this cross became primarily a symbol of life. In Egyptian belief, life was a force that circulated throughout the world. Individual living things, including humans, were manifestations of this force and fundamentally tied to it. Life came into existence at the creation of the world, and cyclical events like the rising and setting of the sun were thought of as reenactments of the original events of creation that maintained and renewed life in the cosmos. The ankh cross, which had already established itself as a sign of life, was easily assimilated into early Christianity and became its symbol. Christians claimed the sign was their own, indicating that they could easily regard the ankh as crux ansata.

  • 20 Karat Yellow Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Dimensions of the cross only: Length 21.25mm x Width 15.11mm X Depth 3.25mm
  • Leather Cord, 2mm round